Who Is Direct Hotel Suppliers?

With constant travel over the years the owner of Direct Hotel Suppliers, Melina Macdonald, discovered that hotels provided many services however they failed to offer a sophisticated romantic retreat or intimate getaway that was more then just champagne and a box of chocolates. Melina was aware that people were always looking for ways to make sure that the intimate connection was not lost within their relationship but hoteliers were not providing a way for people to reconnect and rediscover something that their customers clearly believe is important. She was included in that demographic and had only wished that in one of the many hotels she had stayed in with her husband over the years that someone would have offered her something, anything, to assist in spicing up her marriage at the time.

Then one day (after her divorce) when traveling for a business conference, she spotted an intimate product in the minibar of a large chain hotel and her words were “This is a great idea packaged horribly” and the rest is history.

As the hotel industry’s most sought-after expert in creating new profits through romance strategies, Melina Macdonald uncovered a highly lucrative revenue.

Melina has been at the forefront of research in the hotel and tourism industry for the past decade, focusing on the lost art of romance and how that can increase the rentention and return of guests – and drive new guests to book unsold inventory in hotels catering exclusivity opportunity for exclusive hotels.

“The high-end hotel room is the perfect environment to support, create and foster romance. How it is done profitably, is the art and science Melina has mastered.”
– Ari Galper, CEO, Unlock the Game®. The World’s #1 Authority On Trust Based Selling