We know here at Taboo Intimacy that’s its really important to keep and instil your hotels core values to act with integrity ensure a clean, comfortable and safe environment.
Our research showed customer ‘experiences’ is what the consumer is looking for within the hotel and travel industry today.

“Romance is a serious business” and one that can create tremendous ‘Value’ to the guest and increase retention and revenue for your hotel.

It has been proven effective by many global hotel chains and boutique hotel establishments that by adding romance amenities to your mix and also correct placement of the products can in-fact be a highly lucrative revenue raising exercise and drive new guests to book unsold inventory.

We have strategically identified specific placement of the product, to best attract the many different attributes of each hotel guest and room category.

We understand that perception is the key when attempting to implement and change the current hotel industry in accepting an innovative product such as romance amenities provided by Taboo Intimacy. We understand that the core values of each hotel are not to be disregarded.

Evidence shows, that current hotel chains supply the guest with accessibility to intimacy products such as condoms and Lubricants. However the placement around such items can have a misleading and negative connotation attached. So lets embrace the romance industry with a new concept.

Here at Taboo Intimacy everything we do we believe in. We believe in challenging the status quo. With our ready-made product range that is innovative in design packaging, has high-grade quality body safe tested ingredients; we believe we can change the perception of intimacy in relationships worldwide.

Marketing shows that within the current hotel industry men are more likely to watch blue movies at 67% and statistics show, women spend more dollars per room with each stay, with 90% utilising amenities during their visit to a hotel.

With our proven statistics of 90% of women using amenities, we introduce a product designed to be sold to women to either use at the hotel, or to take home. Alternately, targeted to men to use at the hotel or take home to their partner as a gift solution.

A survey published by The Herald Sun named
“Sex butler among top 10 concierge services,” stated that, an ‘intimacy kit’ is the number#3 most wanted concierge service”.
With our innovatively packaged Taboo Intimacy minibar products, specifically designed for the hotel romance industry, we are going to remove the poorly designed and negatively placed condoms, found randomly within the minibar alongside chips and cookies, or vending machines and dispensing machines in bathrooms, and replace it with its own minibar boxed romance range.

We have created a discreet buying experience that is simple, sophisticated and allows your customers permission to take the time for themselves to indulge their curiosity.

We are going to help you help your guest to enjoy your services and have a better experience. We are going to help you provide your guests a discreet solution while still complying with your hotels core values.

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