7  Fatal Mistakes Hotels Make With Romance Products

Romance and Intimacy products are still fairly new within the Australasian market and unfortunately no-one has educated hoteliers on the best practices of this new industry however many are playing the ‘trial and error’ way of promoting these products. The first educator and specialist in this area Taboo Intimacy is here to help with these hints & tips!

Here are the most common fatal mistakes that hotels make around the globe selling intimacy products.

1. Poor Placement

This is an instant fizzler in more ways then one when you look into the minibar and there is an Egg thrown in next to the chips and nuts. Now you go to grab it thinking yum a chocolate Kinder egg only to find it that its actually a male masturbator ! Not only does it look ridiculous and misplaced but it can shock and horrify some and doesn’t quite match your minibar theme. Now I’m not saying you can’t place an item like this in your minibar however there are better ways of presenting it more discreetly and appropriately.

Correct Placement = Curiosity = Profit

 2. Doesn’t match your decor 

Packaging is imperative! I can’t stress it enough. With the right packaging it can change shock into a cheeky grin!

If the packaging of a product is average, gaudy or bold against other products, colors or furnishings in the room, it will stick out like a sore thumb and not in a good way. The last thing you want is having these products standing out and bring down the aesthetics of your room.

Discreet packaging = Curiosity = Profit

3. The way they are sold

I recently stayed at a 5 star casino and my room mate didn’t even notice the ‘intimacy kit’ discretely placed on the only table in the room. Now its great to be discreet as that is what its all about however, this ‘intimacy kit’  was identical to the cookies, cashews and coconut roughs boxes and just ‘blended in’ to the point of nil existence. She just assumed it was another overpriced cookie! We all know how hotels have introduced a ‘pillow menu’ don’t we? Now this has introduced something new to the public AND pointed them into a certain direction to consider what ‘experience’ they want when they sleep. This idea when executed correctly can be used to point, steer and sell a new product discreetly and with curiosity.

Romance Menu = Curiosity = Profit

4. Value for Money 

Talking about overpriced, its all about the market value and quality vs price. If a customer is paying $30+ for an intimacy kit and the quality of the massage oil for example is cheap and nasty, the smell is bad, it stains the sheets and causes a skin reaction common on low quality oils, then the customer is not going to have a good ‘experience’ so your going to have a problem on your hands and their perceived value is lowered. Grotesque overpriced minibars have been the death of some hotels however statistics show Australasian consumer want the minibar even if they don’t use it or use the product and go to the corner store to swiftly replace it before billed. So stop going for the most profit margins with cheap nasty products as it will not only deter sales but damage your brand.

Value for Money = Curiosity = Profit

5. Product range

With the correct ‘mix’ of items in your packaging, sales and up-sells are easy! Firstly stop selling items that people do not need! Please explain why someone staying in a hotel with a shower in their room would have a need for a wet wipe with their condoms ? So correct and complimentary items are imperative in your mix of romance products.

If you also extend your range you are identifying opportunities for More Romance = More Profit. In addition, many items on the market have a script blurb on the packaging of what to expect but nil images. Your customer wants to know exactly what they getting for their money before they open that mysterious little box.

More Choices of Products = Curiosity = Profit

 6. Experiences

Travel today is all about experiences! Romance is a lucrative market. Just think of the multi millions of dollars The Fifty Shades of Grey book, movie and products generated. These are all linked to intimacy and romance, even if it was a tad racy. Hotels offshore have cashed in on the new curiosities of their clientele and understood that people want ‘new experiences’. They understand the psychology triggers that cause couples to spend more on their romance stays and when people’s experiences meet their needs…price become elastic.

Experiences = More Profit

 7. Doesn’t match your demographic

Before you start on the journey of adding Romance Products into your strategy you need to carefully consider Who and How you market all your products to your customers. Here a few simple questions to ask yourself to make sure you have the right target market:

  • Who is your core customer ?
  • Local or interstate ?
  • Who is your Secondary Customer ?
  • Do you know these personal details ?
  • Who is your core customer ?
  • What do they do when they stay at your hotel ?
  • Who stays during weekdays and weekends ?
  • Do you believe they are brand conscious ?
  • Are they price conscious or indulgent ?
  • Where do they buy from ?
  • What is their media consumption ?
  • Where do they take most of their holidays ?

Here at Taboo Intimacy we specialise in Romance Products and have Strategies in place to help you

AVOID all these common mistakes and contact us today !

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