So what’s your Romance Strategy?

Lets be honest, most hotels are all about late check-outs, champagne, strawberries and roses. It’s time to forget the roses and to become more innovative by using our proven research methods to back you.

The Romance market is an extremely lucrative revenue spinner. However if you approach your business plan with an inappropriate mix of complimentary products you will be wasting your money as well as lose out on the up-sell.  If you price your products too highly in the same manner of the over inflated prices in current hotel minibars then you will have a guaranteed failure on your hands as well as another loss leader.

Place incorrect items in your product range and people will see no value and be offended. Really who needs a wet wipe in a hotel room? If packaged incorrectly your product and brand value will both be heading in a downward spiral and we all know that in today’s market no business can afford that.

So if you’re wondering why your business strategy is simply not working for you, maybe it’s time to learn more about us at Taboo Intimacy and see how we can turn your losses into a winning formula.

Isn’t it time you understood  the How Why What & When of Romance and its benefits.

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